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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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remembers one of their own. >> well, today is saturday, june 18th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for being with us, let's turn it over to justin drabick, justin, very big weekend for all of the dads, and a good weekend? great timing. it will be pleasant to work with you this weekend, because you're in a good mood because the weather is nice. when the weather is lousy you come right at me because it is my fault. >> you know what, justin, bye? >> no, all good there is weekend, a lot of sunshine, comfortable temperatures, going to get little warmer specially for fathers day. but at least humidity levels stay on the low side, outdoor plans look like a go. really through the next several days. comfortable start to the saturday morning, 59 degrees in philadelphia, mostly sunny skies, wind currently calm, and right now, our temperature change, down 5 degrees colder than this time yesterday. six in allentown, 11 in millville. nice little refreshing pleasant air mass building in. it is 59 at the airport, 54 allentown, 53 in trenton, 50
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this hour in quakertown and doylestown, some areas drop another degree right around sunrise, and sun is up now. but then temperatures will be rapidly climbing up through the 60s this morning. now the dew point temperatures tells us all about the moisture content or humidity in the air. right now sitting at 53 degrees, pleasant for this time of year. enjoy t eventually we start to increase to the humid level next week, but this weekend, still looks pretty good. storm scan3, nothing happening, that's what you will see later today, and certainly tomorrow. so enjoy it, 84 for the high for philadelphia, nice breeze, still off the ocean at the shore, high of 74 up in the mountains talking upper 70s, very comfortable in the sunshine, then fathers day sunday, we keep it sunny, little warmer there, temperatures back above average in the upper 80s, and then we push 90 degrees next week. we will talk about that coming up in the full forecast in a few minute, rahel, back to you. >> for the record i am always pleasant to work with. >> you are, you are, i'm just messing with you. >> justin, thank you. switching gears now, bucks county man face as lit of sex assault charges this morning, police say he fathered two
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children with a teenage girl. the neighbors call to help investigators to crack the case. and andrea hoff live in feasterville with the investigation. alex, good morning. >> good morning, you know, this is completely heart breaking, especially when you know that neighbors say they would sometimes see the faces of little kids peaking out at them through windows of this home behind me. never quite knowing who those children were, police say, that when neighbors went to inquire the person who answered the door said that he lived alone. twelve girls, ages ranking from an infant to 18 years old, were found thursday, with no birth certificates, records, none of them enrolled in school. the owner of the that home in the 400 block of old street road in feasterville, now faces a multitude of sexual assault charges. police say 51 year old lee kaplan fathered two children with the eldest girl. a relationship police believe started when she was just 14.
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>> mr. kaplan had her living there, some casino of repayment for a financial situation. >> perhaps more disturbing investigators believe that this girl was gifted to kaplan by her own father, as part of some sort of business transaction. her parent, daniel and his wife, originally from amish community in lancaster county, have also been charged. this neighbor has been hailed as a hero for trusting the odd feeling that she had about the house, and calling pennsylvania child line. >> you notice these little children, these little girls, only little girls, and they would be outside, very sporadic, very rarely, would you see one or two. >> those three adult are behind bars and the 12 girls are safe this morning, police are still investigating whether any other are subjected to sexual abuse. reporting live in feasterville, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> okay, alex, thank you. >> police are investigating a shooting in center city, it happened just after 3:00 this
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morning on juniper and locust street. police say a man was shot in the leg during attempted robbery. that victim is in stable condition this morning, no details on any arrests at this time. >> two vineland new jersey police officer, not be charged in the death after suspect while in custody. the controversial case dates back more than a year. officers tried taking 32 year old philip white into custody on march 31, 2015. well, an eyewitness recorded the officer stick ago k9 on white after he allegedly reached for an officer's gun during the struggle. a state medical examiner says white died from a pcp overdose. cumberland county grounds jury determined the officers were spot responsible for white's death. police in bucks county arrest a suspected thief, and the man who shot him, investigators say, early thursday morning, 39 year old bysean jones caught someone trying to break into his car, outside the woodland manner apartments, in morrisville. they say jones grabbed his gun and chased the suspect, joshua
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dennis. take a look, surveillance video captures both men speeding, when dennis loses control of his car, crashing into a building on pennsylvania avenue. police say this is when jones pulled up in his own car, and shot dennis in the arm. now, jones is licensed to car a gun, but authority say he took matters into his own hands, he is now charged with aggravated assault, and dennis charged with attempted robbery. >> friends, family, say good-bye to a rising star gone too soon. they attend memorial service for miss teen -- christina grimmie in medford, new jersey, the story of how her hometown remembered the singer. >> ♪ >> christina grimmie may not have been physically present, but her voice, her images, her spirit, filled the room, and fellowship alliance chapel in medford, new jersey. hundreds gathered for a public memorial honoring the 22 year old singing sensation, who was shot to death last week, as she signed autographs after a
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show in orlando. >> she was never a star to my family. she was always that cute, innocent, little cousin, daughter, neice, nephew, everything. >> from family members. >> i look up my last text message from christina. it was: aunt cat, send more gingerbread cookies. >> one by one, memories after young woman whose life was cut far too short came rushing back on those who knew her best. like childhood friends sarah, lauren, describing christina as a person ground in the her fate. >> she cared deeply, and she loved whole heart educationally. >> we were a part of each other, like one person, and she is my best friends, and she is my sister, and i really just couldn't be more blessed by the time that we've had together. >> heart wrenching moment from christina's brother marcus who was there when she was killed, and reportedly jumped on the gunman to detain him after the
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shooting. >> when the gunman came, he was very quick, it happened so fast, that her arms were open. and the way, she saw jesus next, so her arms were open for him, and that's how she treated everyone she new, her arms were open to them at all times. so takes for the effort for coming out, guys, and i love you, christina, you're the best. >> finally, christina's heart broken parents addressed the crowd. her mother kissing her daughter's picture, inconsolable in her grief, still asking the question why. >> just so much. the last time i saw my daughter was on my birthday. it was may 25th. i toll her i loved her. i always told her that first. when christina went home to be with the lord, she said it took a nut man, a nut man, a nut man, but i want to know why. >> that is a question that
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certainly still haunts christina grimmie's family members and authority, as well, as there has been no motive discovered for this shooting. meantime, the public memorial on this night was held after the burial on thursday. in the saturday center, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". no word yet on funeral plans for a 18 year old philadelphia woman killed in the orlando night club shooting. akyra murray gone to florida to celebrate her recent graduation from west catholic high school. murray was set to attend mercy hurst university in the fall on a full basketball scholarship. >> and nearly a week after the massacre, in orlando, investigators are getting a look at surveillance video, captured inside pulse night club. also, learning what omar mateen stopped to do during his shooting rampage. cbs correspondent weijia jiang with the latest now from orlando. >> the massacre at pulse night club was captured on surveillance video, which has not been released. it shows the horror gunman omar mateen inflicted when he
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killed 49 people, inside the gay club, and wounded more than 50 other. law enforcement officials say mateen and his wife texted during the rampage, where are you, she asked him? do you see what's happening he replied? no, she said. finally he wrote: i love you babe. mateen's wife is being investigated and could face charges. >> you have to go back and finds out where she has been, how often she was with her husband, and what they were doing. >> victims' families, community members, even strangers are gathering at memorial likes this one outside the orlando regional medical center featuring 49 hands made wooden crosses, one for each victim. >> remind their everyone is still loved. >> amanda carol said her close friends is one of six survivors in critical condition at the hospital. and seeing the crosses gives her hope. >> with all of the prayers, and all of the positivity -- >> doctor joshua still has victims' blood on his shoes.
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he says he'll continue to wear them until the last patient is discharged. >> i don't know who -- whose blood this is. it kind of symbolizes all of the good that we did that night. >> and there are symbols of healing across the city. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> changes are coming to disney resort beaches in orlando following an alligator attack that killed a nebraska toddler. the company is putting up these signs warning of wildlife and other dangers in beach areas. disney is also adding temporary barriers around waterways on it resort properties. on tuesday night, an alligator snatched two year old lane graves into a lagoon at the grand floridian resort. search crews recovered the little boy's body the next day. >> well, there is still much more to cover this morning on cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it appears one team won't be going for the gold. find out which athlete will be barred from going to the rio
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olympics. and we depend on the first cup of coffee to perk us up for the start of the day, why it doesn't always give that you extra boost, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> northern glands, british prime minister, announced,
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will be called into session so they can pay tribute to cox, 41, leader in the labor party. cox's campaigning for britain to stay in the european union. >> where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance, we must drive it out of our politics, and out of our public life and out of our communities. >> a memorial is now growing around the house boat where she lived with her husband and two young children. >> the obama administration being called out for it handling of the syrian civil war. but the challenge isn't coming from political foes, it is coming from within. calling for who calls tore changes to us policy in syria and why. >> dozen every foreign diplomats from within the state department says the president's policy on syria has failed, called for military action to take out syrian president, 51, mostly mid-level career diplomate, signed classified internal memo calling for changes. they say, faced absolutely no
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consequences for actions in syria, even though, he's the greatest source of violence. bond own people, used chemical attacks on them, as well, as a result, millions have been killed or force to flee their homes. but the obama administration has been unwilling to use military force it remove him. >> we still believe that a political solution is the best solution for the people of syria. and for the region. >> but american allies in the middle east don't necessarily agree. president obama met here at the white house, with saudi arabia's foreign minister on friday. and he says a political solution can only happen through the use of force. >> unless we change the balance of power on the ground in a dramatic way, that once we do that, it will open the way for a political settlement. >> the obama administration does not appear ready to change course. >> up to the new commander in chief to determine how he or she is going to approach the consolate in syria. >> hillary clinton fought for
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more active role in syria while secretary of state, while donald trump has advocated for a similar approach to president obama's. fighting isis in syria, but not hawes add. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> russia's track and field athletes will be wards from competing in this summer olympic games. russian president, vladmeere putin, condemning the decision calling it unfair. the international amateur athletic federation has voted to extend a ban resulting from allegations of state sponsored doping. russia claims it has fulfilled all of the requires for reinstatement. the olympic committee will now review the decision. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, the part of a lot of people's morning routine starting your morning with a cup of coffee. but, if you are counting on that morning joe to gave you a boost it, may not be enough. new study from the sleep research society in the american academy of sleep medicine, shows that after three night of poor sleep, coffee had little to no benefit. researchers say it only
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provided a boost for the first two nights, but lost it kick after the third. >> all right, and, justin joining us now with the weather watchers, maybe a good day, good couple of days for iced coffee. it will be warm. >> definitely, that's my drink of choice. >> every morning actually. >> all year around, too, even in the wintertime, i like that cool drink in the morning. yes, very pleasant on this saturday morning, good start to the father day weekend, we keep things nice and dry throughout the next 48 hours, so it get little warm for tomorrow. but still humidity levels on the low sidement check out numbers from our backyard. very comfortable, down in newark, delaware, dolores checks in, 54 degrees, little warm nerve nottingham, chester county, fran at 57. but comfortable 51 in mt. laurel, kerry higgins' house, 50, in chesterfield, add ed connor's, 54 west chester, reported by steve johnson. medford, we had 55 degrees, also, 50 in delran, coolest spot so far, showing up on the weather watcher list, perkasie, john jenkins checks
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in at 49 degrees. we had real nice sunrise, no matter where you're cross the region, ed connor shows clear skies this morning, good color just before sunrise, that's what we're seeing right now. we take you to up berks county from the neighborhood network, kutztown area middle school, just some high, thin, serous clouds out there. but a lot of sunshine today. current winds are calm. they'll kick up little bit out of the southeast eventually, this afternoon for the inland locations, about 10 miles per hour, but very pleasant this afternoon. good morning to get out that morning bike ride or jog. very refreshing air mass in place. so dry fathers day weekend, monday, marks the start of the official summer season, we will be warm it up, making run at 09 degrees, also talk about our next shower and storm chance in our forecast. but when you factor in the humidity, what it will really feel like this weekend for the most part for most people, pretty much awesome today, temperatures on the warm side, tomorrow slight increase, still call it pleasant, opinion day more humidment on the steamy side on tuesday. that's the day we could see some showers maybe even couple every thunderstorms as cold
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front moves on in. but that's not happening this weekend. nice big area of high pressure, just dominating the mid-atlantic and northeast. see the clouds movement, from north to south. so still we had the northeast wind flow. so shore point today, delaware beaches, you guys will be the coolest, with highs in the mid 70s. also, we have an afternoon baseball game in the ballpark, diamond backs in town this weekend, 3:05, first pitch, 81 degrees, at game time in the sunshine, comfortable with the low humidity. maybe hitting the shore, shore forecast, lots of sunshine, wear the sun block, uv index on the high side. seventy-four air temperature, ocean water off atlantic city at 65 degrees, still moderate risk for rip current, especially early in the day with the wind still coming in about ten to 15 miles per hour. roughed up the ocean over the past 24 hours. inland spots today, well into the mid 80s. 70s along the jersey shore, delaware beaches, tonight, an another comfortable night, 50's to the low 60s, very pleasant, low humidity, keep the windows open.
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tomorrow, we start to warm things up little bit. see upper 80s now showing up, through most of the locations, a way from the ocean, still, 70s, along the shore. what about the overall trend? this weekend, stays warm, into next week. you can see, really the hot air across the central us. that's pretty much staying there. for the next 24-48 hours. but we do have warmer air working it way eastward. certainly, monday into tuesday, but then watch what happens beyond tuesday. start to see another cool pocket of air. we've been seeing this all spring. season long, every now and then we get these cool shot coming in from canada. that arrives on wednesday. it sticks around, through the rest of next week. so that means our temperatures will be back below average by few degrees. i'll show you that in the seven day. but warm today, average, 84, in the sunshine, tonight, 61, it is clear, it is pleasant, tomorrow back above average, 88 degrees, till comfortable, nice looking father day. ninety on monday, summer arrives at 34:00 in the morning. tuesday, still 90, humid, shower, storm, then wednesday,
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thursday, friday, low 80s, maybe even struggling to get to 8 degrees on thursday, in the sunshine. rahel, back to you. >> little something for everybody. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, justin. the us open underway near pittsburgh, and local golfer is getting his chance. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen tells us about the bucks county native took things to the last hole before making it. one of golf's four major championships the us open takes place this this weekend oakmont, pa. bensalem native and drexel university golfer chris crawford played his way into the tournament, by finishing third in a open qualifier last week. it took some final hole heroics. >> my drive, adjacent fairway, to playoff that hole, 600-yard par five, to playoff the parallel far way, i guess, then hit 600 over the treason to the green that got little lucky, the ball ended up on the green. >> from that spot, crawford nailed 40-foot put to make the torny. now on to the big time, which
6:22 am
his coach says he's ready for. >> he is a level headed kid, very humble, but i know quietly he thinks that he can play well out there. and it is all like, you know, we've been talking, all about preparation. you prepare as good as you can. >> crawford can't wait to get this new chapter of his career underway. >> obviously, big, big moment, from the preparation stand point, you know, just like any other tournament really. i know it is hard to do. it is not just any other tournament. but it is still just golf. if you take good shots, and you make good puts, you know, things look okay. ground breaking, i mean, there have been a lot of firsts in the chris crawford era, this just is another one, you know, to add to the list, by far the biggest one. >> crawford also preparing to see a lot of friendly faces in the crowd this weekend. and he hopes to put on a good show. >> got a lot of great support from a lot of different people. i'm sure there will be people going that i don't even know about. you know, i won't know until i'm there. so, you know, i am happy to make, to represent the philadelphia golf community, and hopefully go out there and
6:23 am
make them proud. >> and the leader board had chris crawford 11 over par, when play was suspended due to darkness. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, finding nemo, finds a sequel. new mission, new at the movies, when we come back.
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>> now back with new mission, the stars finding dorey now open, in theatres, and daniel nottingham has a preview. >> something about a -- >> we first new her as theme a's adorable sidekick, starve her own adventure. >> ellen degeneres returns as
6:26 am
the voice of the friendly, but forgetful, fish, with a touch of sadness. >> she just realizes she is inconvenience to people because she keeps forgetting things, and she thinks she is a bother. >> where did you go? >> you were the one to go. >> the one thing she does remember, is that she has been separate from the her parent, and with the help of her friends, she heads out to find them. >> i have a family. >> they don't know where i am. >> let's go. >> albert brooks is back as the voice of marlie. nemo ' protective father who likes the comforts of home. >> every time we're on the edge of this reef, one every us is trying to leave. >> and new to the crowd is bailey, the voice of the whale with his own disability. >> i hit my head very hard out there. see how swollen it is? >> the head is supposed to be big. >> the beauty of the story is its message. >> each character has a weakness, that get compensated for by friendship, basically.
6:27 am
>> everyone has some type of a flaw, or some type of a disability. i think it is about overcoming that. and using that to your strength. >> and whatever life throws your way, just keep swimming. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". great message indeed. coming up in the next half hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", one class won't forget its graduation day, a brawl breaks out, but it is not the kids. find out what sparked the fight. >> and old wawa, new wawa. find out why the convenience store chain is bringing in the new, in just a few minute.
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>> cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> twelve girls rescued from a local home, finds find out what charges this man faces and what else police discovered inside this bucks county house. >> still locked up, despite intentions to reopen this week, coming up, what it will take for a re-birth of the former revel casino in atlantic city. >> the morning -- good morning, today is saturday, june 18th. let's get right out to justin bring brick out on the cbs-3 skydeck. justin, certainly ending
6:31 am
spring on nice note, even starting summer on nice stretch. >> hard to believe it is mid june. when it feels like this. it is really nice outside. great next couple of hours ahead if you are going out for the morning work out. temperatures, very comfortable, in the 50's, we're in the sunshine right now, humidity, very low, and that will be the trends this weekend. look at the numbers. low 50's, some of the colder spots, interior south jersey, millville checks in at 52 degrees, now up to 58 in wilmington, 59 at the airport in philadelphia. fifty still doylestown, 53 up in pottstown. eventually temperatures will rapidly climb up once the sun is up. and we have full sunshine today. but the dew point temperatures still stays low. >> once the dew point climbs, starts to feel humid for most people. storm scan3, very quiet, get some high level clouds rolling through from time to time today, but that's about it, so expect a lot of sunshine, and comfortable conditions, sunny, cool this morning, in the 50's, then this afternoon, we warm it up, temperatures back
6:32 am
where they should be this time of year, highs reaching the mid 80s today, tomorrow, little bit on the hot side. still, pretty good looking father day, with sunny skies, high of 88 degrees, humidity levels still stays low. we will take about 90s coming up. >> it looks beautiful behind you. >> it is. >> bucks county man behind bars this morning on sexual assault charges, police say he fathered two children, with a teenage girl. observe and the neighbor's phonecall led police to the disturbing discovery, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live in feasterville with the latest on the investigation. alex, good morning. >> neighbors tell us would see little faces from behind the windows of this house behind me, never quite knowing who those children were, police say, that one when neighbors inch quite, the man said he
6:33 am
lived alone 12 girls, infant to 18 years old, found thursday with no bert certificates, records, none enrolled in school. the owner of that home in the 400 block of old street road in feasterville, now faces a multitude of sexual assault charges. police say 51 year old lee kaplan fathered two children with the eldest girl, the relationships started police believe when she was just 14. >> mr. kaplan had her work interesting for repayment of some type of financial situation. >> more disturbing they believe this girl was gift dollars to kaplan by her own father, as part of some sort of business transaction. her parents, daniel and savila, believed to be from amish community in lancaster county, have also been charged. this neighbor has been hailed as a hero for trusting the odd feeling that she had about the house, and calling pennsylvania hotline. >> they would be outside, very
6:34 am
sporadic, very rarely, would you see one, two. >> the three adults behind bars, in those 12 girls, they are luckily safe this morning. now police are still investigating whether any more of them suffered abuse. reporting live in feasterville, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, alex, thank you. montgomery county woman is charged with murder in the death of her neighbor. authority say elizabeth floyd attacked 96 year old alfred pain in his driveway last september. he suffered a hip fracture, and later died, causing officials to rule the case a homicide. the motive for the alleged attack is unclear. philadelphia police have charged a wynnewood man in connection with the hit-and-run that injured two teenagers in spring garden. police say brandon carter hit a pair of 16 year old, riding on one bike at broad and wallace, one boy still in critical condition, the other treated and released, police arrested carter few blocks from the crash scene.
6:35 am
>> well, parent are outraged after a fight broke out at the a philip randolph graduation on penn's landing. the altercation happening just as fire commissioner adam feel was preparing to speak. >> many times there are tears at the graduations, but here, emotions were hi, but perhaps for all of the wrong reasons. >> it is embarrassing, embarrassing. >> "eyewitness news" cameras were rolling at the ceremony at the independent seaport museum where fire commissioner adam feel was preparing to speak, when suddenly ... >> she was like oh, no you're not. and we look up, and there was a whole fight. >> it appears several adults took part in the physical fight. watch as young child looks on nearby as other adults try and break it up. fire commissioner feel is seen comfort ago young boy, parents
6:36 am
in attendants say the commotion lasted about ten minute, may have been over seats. >> it is ridiculous. it is ridiculous that adults can't behave themselves in the proper manner. >> my first born's graduation, and here, people are fighting like animals. >> philadelphia police say they were not called, in doesn't look like any arrest, fire commissioner unhurt and just relieved that the graduation went on. >> parent, meantime, say despite the distraction, the graduation continued with the attention where it belongs. the graduates. >> i'm so proud. >> minus the miss chief, weren't focused on that. >> and the school principal, declined to go on camera, but did tell me it was an unfortunate incident. >> well, back to work on monday for jurors in the federal corruption trial of pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah. on friday the panel started deliberation frost scratch, after the judge removed the juror. the judge didn't say why. that person was replaced with
6:37 am
a alternate juror. the judge then instructed the jury to start over, with its deliberations. fattah meantime faces a prison term if convicted on racketeering and other charges. the former revel casino remains closed, a few days after the atlantic city attraction was set to reopen to the public. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan explains, it is paperwork that's holding up the process. >> unique deep appreciation for the former revel casino, she and her hubby vacationed here after finishing chemo they are. >> i the whole place just electrifying, the glitter and the glamour, and adrenyline rush, after the building. owner glenn straub, who bought the property, for pennies on the dollar, in bankruptcy court, set wednesday june 15th as the target date for soft re-opening. two days later the entrances are still closed off. >> there is a loft issues with
6:38 am
permitting, tco. >> atlantic city director every licensing and inspections, dale finch says the city has not received the necessary paperwork to schedule key inspections, for tempore a certificate of okay pans. >> i electrical, plumbing, building, fire, so for the. so that has not been received yet. i've been assured by the attorney that will be here today. >> but revel also faces challenges at the state level, gaming officials say, he needs new casino license, and can't just use the license held by which ever operate operator he chooses to run the casino. straub said friday he doesn't see any part of the property opening until that issue is resolved. >> if they open up come next week. >> they weren't the only ones checking out the revel friday wondering when it will open and if it will last. >> atlantic city needs it. >> i don't think they'll make it here again. >> atlantic city officials is a i that the former revel could get a certificate of occupancy as soon as next week. but opening this weekend for the former casino, not in the cards. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a local non-profit will be sending volunteers with
6:39 am
intellectual and developmental disability, that help out with the democratic national convention next month. the art of philadelphia made the announce until the partnership with the philadelphia dnc host committee. former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell, says the dnc will be a big event, major attraction, so he want organizers to make sure everyone is involved. >> we want to leave the best impression we can in philadelphia. so the young people being involved with this grant will do things like like some of the greeters at the hotel, at the train stations. >> and, a grant from the philadelphia foundation's fun for children helps sponsor the leadership opportunity. >> and we are now just 37 days from the start of a democratic national convention, right here, in philadelphia. for more on the preparation leading up to the big event, go to >> making way for progress, over ooh years ago, very first wawa store owned in delaware county, well, that store has
6:40 am
since closed but the convenience store chain just chris ends new building not far from the old one. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch was there. >> photos in folsome, delaware county where fans sent the store they call wawa one out in style. >> used to be a pet store. i used to ride my bike here. and it has been a neighborhood institution for all of these years, since the 60s. >> led by antique wawa milk truck, a small parade marched fans to their new store after wawa one served its final customer, and lock up. >> at crews began breaking down that signature sign and, crowds were at the new wawa one, off mcdade boulevard. where accustom ers will find gas service, their favorite foods and those familiar faces. >> our associate, our people, not the building, not the location, but it is the products, maybe bring people in for the first time, but the connection with our associates who we think are the best in the world. >> for old timers it, may not be the original but they're
6:41 am
embracing the chain. >> it seems more home like. but everybody's going to go there, they go to all of the other wawa's. >> justin finch, "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia police department recognizes police officer for longevity on the job, 19th police district head annual awards ceremony west philadelphia, officers who have worked 20, 25, 30 years were honor, 14 officers received awards, the captain of the 19 district says the department also recognize all of the officers families. >> so it is important, not only recognize the office earnings, but part of the recognition goes to the families, as well. >> we would be remiss to leave that out. >> it is a team effort, congratulations to all of the award recipient. >> special night for some local children, fighting cancer. "eyewitness news" at the ritz carlton in center city for the
6:42 am
philadelphia chapter of prom to remember head its first event. organizers say the event gives teens who would otherwise miss prom, a chance to celebrate. and, take a look, not shy breaking out best dance moves the theme of the night was rocky which of course a lines with the fighting spirit every these teens to beat cancer. >> that's great. >> well, we still have a lot more to cover this morning on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a california wild fire doubles in size, and puts the county under a state of emergency. finds out what's complicating the job for firefighters. they are pills, but without the punch. medical reporter stephanie stahl, explains, the placebo effect. >> and, finds out if your dad can enjoy fathers day in the great outdoors. meteorologist, justin drabick, has the eyewitness weather forecast when we come back.
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camden wasn't an easy place to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
6:45 am
>> welcome back, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturdayment anthony mason, van eat a myers, live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> good morning, coming up in the day's headlines, services such as netflix, has made bing watching a phenomenon. now publishers want to get in on the action, by offering up bing books. >> plus he's called the dr. seuss of this generation. we'll take to you new exhibit featuring the artwork every children's author, mow. >> and the inspiration behind the animation. how picsar artist and film makers studied up on the see
6:46 am
satisfy creatures they brought it life in the new block buster film finding dorey. all of that, plus your eye opener, the dish, music from anthony, in our saturday session, just ahead, on cbs this morning. saturday. >> i have to admit i've been so excited about this finding nemo sequel. it is for everybody. you don't have to be just a kid. >> all morning long i've been saying i can't wait to see the jellyfish. i love seeing the aquarium, just fun. >> absolutely, looks like it should be good. thank, guys, can't wait to watch. >> and let's sends it now to justin with the weather watchers. >> good morning, rahel, really comfortable conditions this morning, still everybody sitting at the 50's, enjoying the nice pleasant start, and this is shaping up to be a nice looking fathers day, gets little warm, especially tomorrow, but humidity levels they could be a lot worse this time of year, so enjoy the final weekend of the spring season, so let's check out some of the backyards here, across the region, starting to warm up here in wilmington, delaware, where lisa kerrigan checks in at 56 degrees at this hour with full sunshine,
6:47 am
getting closer tore philadelphia, barbara lane, up in willow grove, at 54 degrees. again, mostly sunny skies, every now and then you will see few high thin serous clouds roll on in from the north. that's about it. down in interior south jersey, margo simons check in at 52 degrees, and buena vista township, also, with mostly sunny skies, and we head little farther off to the north and west, and we go over to david mitchell's house, 56 degrees, in norristown. so, good start to the morning, good beach day, as well, check it out, looking live at margate, right now, every now and then, few people walking on the beach this morning. ocean roughed up just a little bit due to the increase in wind yesterday out of the northeast, so that northeast wind continues, so that's a flow coming in off the chilly, atlantic ocean, ocean water still mid 60s, air temperatures along the shore today delaware beaches, going to be in the 70s, but with the sunshine it will feel good. and summer officially does arrive this coming monday at 6:34, in the morning, that's the time at which the sun
6:48 am
reaches it farthest point north in the northern hemisphere, marks the summer solsus see most amount, looking good, 53 degrees, most yours moisture content in the year, that puts us in the pleasant zone, pretty much today. over the next few days, starts to creep up little bitment back to the 60s by next week, but enjoy the weekends, comfortable to be outside even though temperatures are little bit on the hot side. but nothing is happening across the eastern united state, nice and quiet, high pressure just dominating new england, in the mid-atlantic, a lot of heat developing across the central us. some does track eastward over the next 24 to 48 hours. good pool day today. lots of sun, pleasant, 84 degrees, uv index running hi, so make sure to have the sun black on throughout the entire day. maybe hitting the shore? forecast over the next three days, looks good. 74 degrees today, little breezy this afternoon, in the sunshine, tomorrow, little warmer, mid 70s, great looking fathers day, take out to the
6:49 am
beach. then monday, the warmest day, approach the 08 degrees mark, little more humidity, so even though the water temperatures little chilly. still going to feel good to jump in. gulfstream off the coast, chilly water, typical for this time of year, takes few more weeks, to really warm up into the 70s, right now, 65 degrees off atlantic city, 67 in ocean city, maryland, lewes, beach, delaware, coming in also in the mid 60s. so high pressure just anchors itself over new england, really, for the next 24-48 hours, large and in charge. so that keeps us nice and quiet. little more of a southwest wind develops later in the weekends, into next week. that just bridges back some of the heat and humidity. we're still dry monday. start of summer. this cold front will trigger showers, coming in tuesday. temperatures today, look at that, along the coast low 70s, nice breeze off the water inland, do warm up, mid 80s, tonight, another comfortable night, keep the windows open, a lot of widespread 50's again, not quais as -- quite as cool as it was this morning, around the city, low
6:50 am
to mid six 60s, then tomorrow we are surging into the upper 80s, in a lot of spots, away from the water. >> eighty-four, that's where we should be for this time of year. so it is average, humidity actually going to be below average on the low side. then tonight clear pleasant 61. extended forecast, warm, summer begins monday, 90, tours, showers, thunderstorm at 9o drop back below average, second half of next week highs low 80s, rahel, back to you. >> officially summer 16, thanks, justin. 100 miles north of los angeles, explosive wild fire has santa barbara county under state of emergency. teri okita on the fronts lines of the so-called shipa fire. how long through the coastal canyon. >> fire exploited overnight double in size to 4,000 acres. 90 degrees temperatures in the
6:51 am
canyons, combined with 50-mile per hour winds, sent the fires whipping down mountains, and on to the main highway. causing road closures, and sending firemen to take cover. >> had hundred people evacuated, ranch hand griffin is on stand by. >> all the sudden we started hearing sirens, stuff like, that so we knew it was a big deal. >> state's five year drought has left the area specially vulnerable. >> a lot of tree mortality out there. mack fire behavior worse. >> over 1200 firefighters battling the so-called ship a fire in high heat and difficult terrain. >> dropping, so the flames don't reach nearby homes. temperatures topping 100 degrees, and low humidity, have fueled fires in new mexico, and arizona. the dog head fire in new mexico, has destroyed 45 structures, with zero containment. teri okita, cbs-3, "eyewitness
6:52 am
news". >> the space capsule has undock from the international space station, to bring an american, a brit, and russian back to earth. they landed about 5:15 eastern time this morning in cast i can stand, the trio spent 186 days in space, since their launch in december 2015. they have since conducted hundreds of experiments and biology, bio technology, physical science, earth science. welcome back to earth. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, placebo effect, when fake medicine actually works. as "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl explains, it has been used for growing number every conditions. >> it looks like any ordinary pill. but it is actually fake medication that doctors say can cure some of the most common medical conditions. >> i felt fantastic i never fit belt nerve my life. >> linda has irritable bowel syndrome, tests to up try a new treatment. >> i was all happy about it. >> she was shock when doctors
6:53 am
toll hershey would not be getting real medicine but placebo instead. >> we said clearly you don't have to believe in it, just do it, it is a crazy idea. >> i was so disappointed, i went, a placebo, sugar pill, are you kidding? that's not going to work. >> but it did work. her symptoms disappeared. >> i would have to worry about anything. i got my life back. >> in another study migraine sufferers were also told they were given a placebo. and their pain level was reduced by 30%. >> this is amazing up. >> psychologist says, there may be something else at work here. >> i believe there is a little part of you that is saying, hmm, i wonder if this really is a placebo? maybe they're just telling me that. >> but placibos can activate the same neurotransmitters as many powerful drugs. >> the body has an internal pharmacy for certain kinds of conditions. >> however, there are limits to the placebo effect. >> we're not going to sling the tumor with a placebo pill. >> and stephanie stahl also
6:54 am
reports, while placebo treatments do not work for treating cancer, doctors say, they can be very helpful and effective in relieving nausea and pain for some cancer patient. before you head out the door, find out what to wear. justin drabick checks the forecast whether "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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6:56 am
>> real nice outside, woke to up some spots in the 40's, does warm up the next couple of days, but overall nice looking fathers day weekends, today the coolest at 84, low humidity, tomorrow little hotter, up 2088 degrees, then we bring in heat for next week, just in time for the official start of the summer
6:57 am
season, monday, high of around 09, little more humid, then shower and storm chan cents tuesday. tuesday the only day for wet weather, comfortable the ends every next week. >> nice fathers day, hammy. justin, thank you. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv, but always on line, cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's june 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." a california wildfire is raging through canyons in santa barbara county, and potential record high temperatures in the southwest could make it a tough battle for firefighters. disturbing new details continue to emerge about omar mateen, the orlando shooter had a history of violent behavior dating pack to the third grade. republicans in washington remain divided over donald trump's candidacy as the presumptive nominee use gun rights to rally support in texas. the ease of approval


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